Victorious Living Ministries International
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A life can change in a moment


In the moment when God's Word is heard, understood, and applied, a person's life can change dramatically. We're giving God's Word in simplicity and practicality so all hear it and their lives can become what God intends them to be.

This includes Bible training for all ages, genders and nationalities. Bible training that clearly points toward Jesus Christ and redemption and salvation through Him. Training in God's Word that gives strength, wisdom, and skills for working with others, revealing the meaning of true freedom and how to live in health and lasting joy.

We're building people.


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Our global vision of reaching the world with God's Word is mobilized through our many outreach programs. Victorious Living Ministries is making a difference through international Bible schools and compassionate care programs. Newer technology-driven outreach avenues are making God's Word and biblical teaching accessible to more people than ever before.

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Victorious Living Ministries offers a variety of teaching materials that will encourage you and accelerate your spiritual growth. Books, free downloads, music, and Bible School curriculum can be found by clicking the link below.