A life can change in a moment.

In the moment when God's Word is heard, understood, and applied, a person's life can change dramatically. We're giving God's Word in simplicity and practicality so all hear it and their lives can become what God intends them to be.

This includes Bible training for all ages, genders and nationalities. Bible training that clearly points toward Jesus Christ and redemption and salvation through Him. Training in God's Word that gives strength, wisdom, and skills for working with others, revealing the meaning of true freedom and how to live in health and lasting joy.

We're not building buildings; we're building people

What Are You Looking At?

Distractions come in all forms. We may think that we have conquered the distractions of the day as we sit down to read our Bibles, but then thoughts pop up, reminding us of what we still need to do. It’s easy to put the Bible down to do the task, and miss what God would say to us through His Word.

This Is THAT Day

This is that day. The day where you determine that you will not quit. The day where you say, “I will not falter. My faith in God is not dependent upon the challenges I face; it is dependent upon who He is.”

This is that day. The day where you look past yourself and see the world the way God sees it, with love and compassion, seeing beyond the hurt and rejection to the core of potential. The day where you say, “I can make a difference by giving God’s unconditional love everywhere I go, choosing to bless and help and not judge.”