A life can change in a moment.

In the moment when God's Word is heard, understood, and applied, a person's life can change dramatically. We're giving God's Word in simplicity and practicality so all hear it and their lives can become what God intends them to be.

This includes Bible training for all ages, genders and nationalities. Bible training that clearly points toward Jesus Christ and redemption and salvation through Him. Training in God's Word that gives strength, wisdom, and skills for working with others, revealing the meaning of true freedom and how to live in health and lasting joy.

We're not building buildings; we're building people

Just Say Thanks

My mother always said, “Look for the good.” She encouraged me to look at life and choose to see what’s good about it.

When I choose to see what’s good, to talk about what’s good, and to be thankful for it, I’m refreshed. When everything around us focuses on what’s wrong and twisted, we can become discouraged. I’m not saying that we should deny that there are things that are wrong, but when our attention is consistently on the bad and the warped, we forget that God is good, and He is love, and He cares about all of us.

You Can Overcome Discouragement

There are times when life isn’t the way you want it to be. Things don’t cooperate, or people disappoint you.

When you’re faced with the choice to be discouraged, remember that you have help, strength, wisdom and joy from a source who is greater than what you’re facing or looking at.

Discouragement can stop you from doing great things. Don’t let it. Move on, and let God encourage you through His Word.

What's Beautiful?

I sat in the dining room writing personal, handwritten notes the other day (and yes, some were in cursive). As I wrote, I remembered two important points that I was taught by my mother and her sister, my aunt.

My mother always said, “the rose is God’s favorite flower,” and my aunt always told me to “stop and smell the roses.” Both of those women taught me to enjoy the beauty around me.

But today, I’m reflecting on the fact that the real beauty around me is you.

Don't Announce It; Just Do It

I read a book the other day that inspired me to make some changes in my life. My first thought was, “I’ll tell my family.” And then I remembered one of my older, personal guidelines: don’t announce it; just do it.

I can announce that I intend to work out. I can announce that I will break a habit. I can announce anything. But announcing isn’t the same as doing. If I truly want to change, I need to DO the change.