Word for the World

VLMI focuses on equipping believers to effectively minister to others.

We partner with missions organizations, seminaries, Bible schools, churches, and ministries globally, providing them with curriculum to aid in their outreach. Our Bible School Curriculum has been used in over 30 nations throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Since 1978, VLMI has worked with over 150 denominations to provide leadership training and seminary education worldwide.

If you have or belong to an organization with existing missions, Bible schools, or training programs, contact us to see if the Victorious Living Ministries Bible School curriculum is something that will meet your needs. The curriculum is a comprehensive resource (62 full courses and 25 condensed courses) used in training ministers and leaders, and for spiritually strengthening local congregations.


Seminars & Workshops

VLMI offers a wide variety of seminars and workshops that can be customized to your church's or organization's needs. Rev. Melody and Michael Lavin are available to assist you in strengthening believers and imparting practical truth.

Seminars focus on training attendees in a continuing education format. Attendees learn new information and how it applies to their lives. Workshops are highly interactive with teaching plus attendee participation. Seminary or Bible School teaching is also available. Seminars and workshops are available on the topics below. (Click topic name for more information.)

Digital Teachings

Utilizing the global reach of technology, VLMI is broadcasting content in all forms. From curriculum-based video teachings to short blog discussions on Worship to interacting with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, we are reaching the world with God's Word. 

See our YouTube channel for teachings, discussions, and interviews about VLMI's rich history. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay current.

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Effective Worship-Leading Workshop

This valuable ministry tool is now available for worship leaders, choirs, and worship teams. The Effective Worship-Leading Workshop is an opportunity for your worship team to perfect musical skills, to gain a fresh perspective of praise and worship, and to grow as a team. Eight–hour workshop.
Instructor: Rev. Melody Lavin

This workshop provides practical, hands-on training in the areas of:
• Song and service preparation
• Platform skills for vocalists
• Stage presence
• Vocal control and projection
• The role of the worship leader
• How to flow with the Holy Spirit

The Believer's Worship Life

This workshop encourages believers to develop their fellowship with God through worship. New Testament scriptures and examples inspire heart-to-heart communication with God. Demonstration and practice time are included. Three–hour workshop.
Instructor: Rev. Melody Lavin

Building Strong Leaders

For pastors and lay-leaders. Teaching includes the topics of motivating volunteer workers, time management, effect goal-setting, handling criticism, and maintaining a ministry of excellence. Six–hour seminar.
Instructor: Rev. Melody Lavin

Preparing for Public Speaking

This seminar offers practical teaching covering the areas of platform etiquette, effective teaching techniques, and sermon/lesson preparation and presentation. Four to six–hour seminar.
Instructor: Rev. Melody Lavin

Effective Communication

Attendees learn the keys of effective communication, hindrances to communication, and how to understand one another. Four 2–hour sessions.
Instructor: Rev. Melody Lavin

Living in the Power of the Covenant

Every believer can live a victorious life. This teaching about what has been provided in our covenant with God will liberate the believer. Four 1½ – hour sessions.
Instructors: Rev. Melody and Mike Lavin

I Can Minister to Others

This practical approach to the Great Commission equips believers to minister to others in the following areas:
Instructors: Rev. Melody and Mike Lavin

• I Can Minister Salvation
• I Can Minister The Baptism In The Holy Spirit
• I Can Minister With Agreement Prayer
• I Can Minister Healing

The workshop provides teaching, demonstration, and practice time for attendees. Four 2½ – hour sessions.

Developing an Adult Bible Training Program

Rev. Melody Lavin is available to work with pastors and ministers to tailor an adult training program (continuing, spiritual education) for the specific needs and dynamics of a church, Bible School, mission, or training organization. Contact us for more information.

Customized Worship Clinics

Rev. Melody Lavin is available to work with pastors to tailor and deliver a custom worship team training program for the specific needs and of a church. Contact us for more information.